Water Softeners, Hard Minerals and Soft Water | Common FAQs

You've had issues with your appliances and a scaly residue on your showers and sinks. You call a plumber and they recommend that you install a water softening system. While you may understand a little about what a water softener is and why your water is considered hard, you probably lack the scientific understanding of the whole situation. The more you understand soft and hard water and the scientific manipulation of your water, the better you will understand why you do need a water softening system.

Retractable Vs. Permanent Patio Covers

Patio covers and awnings can give some much-needed shade to your property. A smartly installed patio cover not only gives you an outdoor seating area some extra shade, it can also help shade the inside of your house. So, patio covers can actually make your inside more eco-friendly. Of course, the cover can also be a fun new stylish feature on your house. There are many different types of patio covers, from the affordable retractable fabric systems to the permanent constructed covers.

Fisherman's Backyard: Floating Bass Boat Docks

If you're a fisherman who's lucky enough to have access to a lake from your property, you probably never stop counting your blessings. However, in order to truly enjoy your backyard fishing access, you'll need to build a boat dock that protects your water craft(s) and maybe even attracts a few fish in the process. Here are some simple things to remember when building a sturdy boat dock that also attracts fish in the process.