Fisherman's Backyard: Floating Bass Boat Docks

If you're a fisherman who's lucky enough to have access to a lake from your property, you probably never stop counting your blessings. However, in order to truly enjoy your backyard fishing access, you'll need to build a boat dock that protects your water craft(s) and maybe even attracts a few fish in the process.

Here are some simple things to remember when building a sturdy boat dock that also attracts fish in the process.


For the cost and durability, it's difficult to find a better dock structure than a floating aluminum dock.

  • Double-Welded: Opting for double-welded, floating, aluminum pontoons will create a dock that's resistant to corrosion, light enough to maintain buoyancy, and stable during rough weather. To improve the stability of your dock, choose a wider pontoon.
  • Flexibility: If your dock can bend a bit during rough weather, it's far less likely to break. Designing a floating dock that allows for flexibility between the deck planks is an easy way to make sure that your dock is both nimble and strong.
  • Recycle: Using recycled or discarded car or truck tires to act as boat bumpers is cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and improves the buoyancy of your dock. It is important, however, to place these tires above the water line, as this will prevent the tires from creating drag on the dock.
  • Secure: Because you're not affixing your dock to the lake or river bottom, you'll need to secure them to the shore. Having thick wire cables attached to concrete-supported mounts will protect your dock during rough weather. It's also important to leave some slack in the lines to allow for changes in water level.


Docks provide a natural habitat for fish. If you're going to build a dock that's durable, why not make it attractive to fish as well?

  • Height: In order to cast beneath your dock (where big fish often like to hide) your dock needs to be sufficiently tall. Although one specific height isn't necessary, you should be able to cast beneath the dock easily. Consulting with your general contractor can help you find the right dimensions.
  • Lights: Because plankton and microscopic organisms are naturally attracted to lights, these little critters bring bigger critters that feed on them. Green lights and UV light spectrums that mimic natural light can make your fishing dock a night-fishing mecca. It's important to position your lights under the dock if possible to create maximum attraction.  

To get the most out of your fishing dock, keep these tips in mind. Contact a contractor who can help design, build, and install new aluminum docks.