Replace Your Living Room Windows With These Styles For A Better View

Do you have a great view from your living room? Maybe you can look out from your window and see a lovely pine forest, a rolling meadow, or a pond. If you still have a smaller, double-hung or casement window in your living room, then you might not be making the most of this view. There are a few types of windows you can have your double-hung or casement windows replaced with in order to bring more of this beauty into view.

Picture Windows

Picture windows are probably the best-known window style with a good view. Basically, a picture window is a huge window that takes up most of a wall. Some versions have a small window on either side of the window or two smaller sliding windows above the main window. These types are sometimes marketed as combination windows. 

Picture windows have a simple look, so they really let the view take center stage. Their downside, however, is that they do not open. You cannot rely on a picture window for ventilation. Also, such a big glass panel can be heavy and hard to install, so you'll need to find a window replacement company that has experience with picture windows, specifically.

Bay Windows

Another option is to install a bay window, which is really a series of side-by-side hung windows placed in a bow or arch shape. Installing a bay window is a fairly intensive project as it will require some changes to your floor and ceiling. However, the results are magnificent. Since the windows are set at varying angles, you get to enjoy a view of the outdoors from multiple angles. Plus, you can open and close the windows for good ventilation. 

Sliding Windows

Do you want a window that you can open and close, but not one that requires you to rebuild your floor and ceiling? Then, a sliding window may work well. Sliding windows come in a variety of sizes, but some can be quite large — almost as big as a picture window. There will be one vertical pole or post down the middle of the window, but other than that, your view should be clear. You can open the window by siding one of the two window panes to the side. Most sliding windows come with screens.

If you want to feature the outdoor view in your living room, talk to your window replacement contractor about these window styles. For more information, contact a company like Leger Siding.