Damaged Wooden Planks And Shakes — Siding Essentials

Loose wooden siding planks and shakes may allow rainwater to enter. Since two of the main purposes of siding are to protect structural materials and to protect interior surfaces, removing and replacing rotted wood siding planks and shakes is necessary. 

Original Wooden Siding

Fungus growth and moisture infiltration can ruin structural components. If excess water builds up behind siding pieces, the inside of a house could eventually endure water damage. Wooden siding that has been compromised will need to be cut away and replaced. Signs of rotted wood include a spongy texture, small holes and cracks, and splintered surfaces.

If the siding is in poor shape, it may be noticed that some damage is present indoors. Peeling paint, loose wallpaper, and staining on walls are signs of a serious moisture problem. When outdoor materials and indoor ones are compromised, it may be necessary to hire a general contractor who can replace the siding and replace the interior materials too. Assessing exterior and interior surfaces will determine the severity of the damage. 

A loose siding piece can be removed from a home with the use of a nail puller and a pry bar. A contractor may use a ladder or scaffolding while inspecting and replacing wooden siding pieces. Poor craftsmanship, rough weather, and old age can play a role in needing to swap out wooden siding pieces for new ones.

Siding that is on a home may consist of horizontally laid planks or vertically laid shakes. Siding planks may consist of rows of planks that are aligned evenly on top of one another. Wooden shakes may utilize an overlapped design. This type of design may necessitate that a contractor lifts various shakes up to inspect the rows that are beneath them.

Replacement Wood

Building suppliers sell wooden siding products that have been precut. A contractor can typically match old siding that is going to be removed from a home. Wooden siding may be stained or painted. If the original pieces that are being replaced have been treated with a stain product or paint color, a contractor will need to assess the old siding pieces and determine what types of enhancements have been originally applied to them.

A caulk product is used to seal replacement siding pieces. A line of caulk will aid with forming a waterproof seal that will not allow water to infiltrate. A contractor will use nails to secure all of the new wooden siding planks or shakes to a home's exterior. 

Reach out to a siding repair service to learn more.