Well Pumps: Signs You Need Professional Repair Services

Drilling a well in your property guarantees a reliable and endless water supply in your home, minimizing dependence on costly and regulated water from private suppliers. However, wells need a well-functioning pumping system to ensure an adequate clean water supply. Problems with the pump can result in increased energy bills, water contamination, or failure to get water, and you should let a professional fix them immediately after they occur. Below is an overview of common problems with your well water pumps that need professional repair services.

If Your Taps are Producing Dirty and Discolored Water

A properly functioning well water pump should produce clean, clear, safe water for your household. However, if that's not the case, it could be a sign of problems. If your taps are producing dirty or discolored water, it could mean there are cracks in pipes that channel water from the pumps, allowing soil infiltration. That could make life at the house challenging, as you won't be able to perform activities such as cooking, cleaning, and bathing. Moreover, soil contains contaminants such as chemicals, minerals, and bacteria which could cause illness if they contaminate your water. 

When There's Low Pressure or No Water Flow at All

Sudden and unusual changes in water flow or complete failure to get water in your house despite adequate water availability is a clear sign of pumping problems. That could be the result of several issues. For instance, it could be due to clogs in pipes making the water pumps strain. It could also indicate aging, faulty pumps, or leaks in the pipes or tanks causing poor pressure. To avoid guesswork and save time, you should call a well water pump repair service to identify the exact issue and fix it quickly. 

When The Pump is Running Constantly Without Stopping 

Well water pumps cycle on and off intermittently depending on the required water supply at your home. However, if they constantly run without stopping, it signifies several issues. First, it could be due to a faulty check valve or a failed or leaky foot valve in the well leading to loss of prime, causing the pump to run continuously without providing any water. Second, it results from water pressure control switch adjustment errors, e.g., setting the cut-out pressure beyond the pump's capacity. Lastly, it may also be due to poor electrical wiring at the pump, making it unable to switch off. Continuous and uncontrolled running of water pumps results in massive energy as they use electricity to run. If you notice a problem, you should switch off the pump's main power supply. Moreover, you should leave the repair work to an expert to avoid short-circuiting and electrocution. 


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