Dismissing Common Myths About Hardwood Flooring

If you tell someone that you're going to get hardwood flooring in your home, they will likely react in one of two ways. They might say something along the lines, of "wow, that will be nice!" Or, they may make a remark like "why would you do that?" Generally, the people who seem less than happy for you have heard and believe one of the following false myths about hardwood flooring.

Myth: Hardwood flooring will give you splinters.

Some people think this because they have experienced it — years ago on aged floors that had not been properly maintained! Hardwood flooring can splinter, but this is only an issue if the floor is not finished properly, and if you don't have it refinished when it starts to show wear. Modern hardwood floors are sanded smooth and sealed with high-quality finishes that prevent splinters. So, catching your foot on a sliver of wood should be the least of your worries if you choose hardwood flooring.

Myth: Hardwood floors will get scratched if you have kids or pets.

Again, there is a little truth to this myth, but it's not nearly as big of a concern as some people would have you believe, and it's not a reason to avoid hardwood floors. If you have kids or pets, you just need to choose a really durable, hardwood for your floor. Hickory is a great choice; it's really hard to scratch. Live oak and bamboo will work well, too. You can also opt for a wax-based finish, which will be less prone to scratches. Hardwood flooring is perfectly compatible with children and pets as long as you choose wisely.

Myth: Hardwood floors emit dangerous chemicals into your air.

There's often concern that having a hardwood floor will consistently expose you to dangerous chemicals that can increase your risk of cancer or cause asthma. However, the finishes used for hardwood floors in this modern era are very safe. Most are at least low-VOC, and some are no-VOC. The VOCs are the primary compounds you'd be worrying about having off-gas from your wood finishes. Low and no-VOC finishes are better for your health and also for the environment.

Hopefully, this article has reassured you that hardwood flooring is a great choice for your home. There are so many different woods and finishes to explore, and if you find the right ones to suit your needs, you should be set. Contact a contractor for all your hardwood flooring needs today.