Four Reasons You Need To Hire A General Commercial Construction Contractor

Commercial construction entails constructing a building meant for commercial/public use, such as a mall, office building, residential flats, hospitals, etc. Unlike building a new home, commercial construction projects can be challenging to keep track of, especially if you have other matters you need to attend to daily.

General commercial construction contractors can be considered your eyes and ears during the construction project because they are responsible for overseeing every commercial construction project, and their duties range from hiring commercial builders to ensuring quality control over the project.

Hence, if you are looking forward to commencing a commercial construction project, here are five reasons you need to hire a general commercial construction contractor.

Pre-Site Surveys

Pre-site surveys are preliminary visits to a proposed construction site to get the lay of the land before the construction begins. During a pre-site survey, a general construction contractor is responsible for working with the land surveying team to take note of all the different factors that may affect the proposed construction.

Several factors can affect how a commercial construction project will get done, such as surrounding buildings, utility lines, flood risk, etc. Hence, when the survey team is done compiling the report, it is up to the general commercial contractor to go through the information and plan the construction project accordingly to avoid any issues that may arise from the factors included in the report. 

Calculating Estimates for the Job

Before commencing a commercial construction project, it is essential to have three types of estimates. The estimates include costs estimates, workforce estimates, and completion time estimates. These estimates are imperative because they help you budget for the construction project in advance to avoid delays in the future.

Since a general commercial construction contractor will be in charge of the construction project, they must provide you with the estimates before the work begins. A general commercial contractor is trained on how to calculate how much a commercial construction project will cost you based on the project's magnitude. Additionally, it is up to a general commercial construction contractor to determine the labor force required to complete the commercial construction within the intended deadline.

Thus, with a general commercial construction contractor, you can rest assured that the estimates they give you will help you budget accordingly for every aspect of the project. Hence, once the construction starts, you will not experience any delays because there is no more money to continue the project.

Adhering to the Building Code

During a commercial construction project, the construction must get done per the Building Code regulations. However, it can be difficult for you to follow up on whether the building code is being respected as a developer. Hence, it would be best if you had someone with adequate knowledge of the building code and the design plans of the project to ensure that the project follows the set guidelines and regulations of the Building code.

Therefore, it is the responsibility of the general commercial construction contractor to supervise every stage of the construction, ensuring that the building code regulations and guidelines are respected.

Additionally, general commercial construction contractors are licensed and bonded, and hence, if the building code regulations are not upheld under their watch, they can get sued and have their licenses and bonds revoked. Therefore, it is in a general commercial construction contractor's interest to make sure the construction project follows the building code.

Client Communication

As a developer, you need someone at the construction site to keep you up to date with the project's operations and progress. Thus, when you hire a general commercial construction contractor, you don't need to physically go to the construction site to check on the project.

A general commercial construction contractor acts as your eyes and eyes at the construction site and reports directly to you frequently. Thus, they will update you on the construction progress and let you know whether or not the project will get done before the stipulated deadline.