How Damaged Vinyl Siding Can Be Fixed

Do you have a section of vinyl siding that is cracked or has a hole in it, but you don't want to go through the process of purchasing a whole new section of vinyl siding to replace it? This is because you often have to take the vinyl siding off from the top down until you reach the damaged section, which can be time-consuming and annoying to do. This is how a crack or hole in vinyl siding can be fixed without removing all of the surrounding material.

Gather Tools And Materials

There are not many materials that are necessary to get this job done. What you'll need is a small piece of vinyl siding material that matches yours in style and color. If you have any extra siding from when your home's siding was installed, this will work perfectly. You also need some large siding shears to cut through the vinyl siding, and some liquid nails to attach the siding material.

Measure And Cut The Siding Material

Vinyl siding is typically made in horizontal pieces that look as if they are two separate strips of material. You'll want to measure the width of each horizontal piece so that you can cut a patch of material that is slightly bigger than the damage area. Make a patch for each horizontal strip of material so it will blend in better. Then use your vinyl shears to make a very clean cut to your patch material. 

Cut Off The Nail Strip

The vinyl siding will have a nail strip along the top edge of the material, which is used to hold the siding to the side of your home. This repair will involve making a patch of vinyl siding material,l so the nail strip can be trimmed off completely with the siding shears. While the edge you are cutting will be hidden, try to make the cut as smooth and even as possible. 

Apply Liquid Nails

You will then want to apply liquid nail to the back of the vinyl siding patch. Slide it upward into the vinyl material over the damage so that it slides underneath the existing nail strip. Smooth out the vinyl siding so that the liquid nails touch as much of the surface as possible, especially along the edges. 

Need help with siding repair? Reach out to a specialist in your area that performs these types of repairs.