Have Pets? Three Ideas When Building A Custom Home

Rather than purchasing a home that is already built and ready for you to move in, you may want to design your own so that you can ensure it has any and all the features that you want and need. If you have pets, then you can consider their needs as well. While you may have some ideas in mind, a custom home builder will be able to bring his or her expertise to the table and share some ideas as well on how to create a more pet-friendly property. Keep reading to learn a few ideas on how you can create a pet-friendly custom home design.

Nap Nooks

While it may seem as if your pet probably can take a nap absolutely anywhere, the majority of the time your pet will choose an area that is enclosed, war, and comfortable—somewhere they feel safe and protected. If you are able to create a space like this for your pet in your home design, you will be offering them a special place for them to take a peaceful nap each day away from the hustles and bustles of household activities. You may need to speak to your builder about this, but generally, a nap nook for your pet should be created in a part of the home design that would be "wasted".

Viewing Areas

Animals love it outside, but they can't always go outside to play for endless hours. So, you may want to consider providing them with space inside that will allow them to see outside. There are many ways to do this, such as a comfortable sitting area next to a beautiful bay window, an enclosed porch, or even a small window that is installed at the eye level of your pet.

Shower Room

Similar to the way that you have a mudroom to clean yourself off before you enter the home, you could consider designing a shower room for your pups to clean them off from playing outside before they enter the house. You could opt to simply have a walk-in shower installed in your mudroom that you and your canines could use. Alternatively, you could have an outdoor area designed with a special washing station to clean your pet off. Of course, this can also be used to hose off your kids after they've had played in the mud.

For more information, consult with a custom home builder in your area.