Commercial Geothermal Energy Designs to Reduce HVAC And Refrigeration Costs For Your Operations

If you want to reduce your business's energy costs, installing a geothermal heat pump can be a great investment. Today, there are options for geothermal energy systems that do more than just improve HVAC systems' efficiency. Commercial geothermal energy system designs can improve the efficiency of all the mechanical systems installed in your business. The following solutions could greatly reduce your operating costs:

1. Options for geothermal loops for commercial HVAC

There many different types of geothermal loops used for HVAC and mechanical systems. For a commercial energy system designs, these are some of the different types of geothermal loops that may be used for your business's energy system designs.

  • Closed loops that use special thermal fluids for better energy performance
  • Open-loop systems that use water that circulates through the system
  • Closed well and pond loops that use geographic features for geothermal energy

2. Commercial boilers and heating system energy designs

The commercial HVAC and plumbing systems often use boilers for their energy needs. The geothermal loops that were installed provide energy to the boilers and other equipment to reduce the energy that is needed from gas and electricity to provide heat to your mechanical systems. This can greatly reduce operating costs, especially if your operations use large industrial boilers for daily work.

3. Loops to provide energy to commercial refrigeration designs

The benefit of a commercial geothermal system is that it is a complete energy solution for all mechanical systems. The system can also provide energy to the refrigeration system to reduce the cost of keeping large spaces at a precise temperature. This can also produce heat, which is then recycled through the system by going back to the geothermal loop, storage systems, or commercial boilers.  

4. Completing circuits by sending thermal energy back to boilers

The geothermal heat pump loop is not the only area of a commercial system where energy can be obtained. The refrigeration and air conditioning systems produce heat as they cool space. This thermal energy can be captured with a geothermal energy system and looped back to boilers and other equipment that uses the heat. This provides complete designs to improve the performance and efficiency of commercial mechanical systems.

Geothermal energy system designs are a great way to reduce the energy costs of your business. Consider contacting a local commercial HVAC and refrigeration service to discuss efficient geothermal energy solutions for your business's needs.