How to Break Out of the Box on a Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom remodeling can be a fairly boring process, and there's not necessarily anything wrong with that. However, having a bathroom remodeling contractor put in fresh tile and a new shower, for example, doesn't have to be all there is to the process. Look at 5 ways you can break out of the box while renovating a bath space.

1. Less Common Designs

There are plenty of design ideas that can make a bathroom look a little more interesting that some tile and paint hanging out with a few fixtures and a mirror. Someone looking for a rustic-style bathroom might consider a Tuscan-inspired room. You also can use bright colors to create something more fun. Going with a dark color scheme can give a bathroom a modern vibe. Don't be afraid to look at some out-of-the-ordinary designs.

2. Tech Upgrades

No place in a house is begging for a tech upgrade more than the bathroom. Folks are beginning to invest in features like ambient lighting for their showers, and there are also electronically-controlled jet systems for streaming water. Smart mirrors can now display information like texts you received overnight and the weather report for the coming day. A voice assistant can also be installed to allow you to control everything without getting wet hands all over the electronics.

3. Bringing Natural Light In

Some bathrooms are dying for more natural light. A simple solution is to use a well-positioned mirror to reflect light from the window into the deeper portions of the bathroom. Glass blocks can also be used along the outside way to provide more natural light without violating your privacy. A more futuristic bathroom remodeling idea is to use fiber optic cables to bring natural light to receptacles where the bulbs are.

4. Stone and Pebbles Instead of Tile

Stone and pebbles can be used to give the floor and walls of a bathroom a little more visual interest. Epoxy coatings are frequently used to provide smooth surfaces, and these can also be textured to provide traction. Notably, this approach usually works best with naturalistic and rustic designs.

5. Colors and Patterns

People tend to have bathrooms with plain walls. If there's any visual interest, it's usually due to the use of tile. You can, however, use a mixture of colors and patterns to break up the monotony. Broken tiles of mixed colors, for example, can add a major wow factor. Wallpaper also allows you to experiment with patterns ranging from floral to geometric.

If it's time to switch up your living space, contact local bathroom remodeling contractors.