3 Signs Your Septic System May Need to Be Repaired or Replaced

A septic system is built to last for decades, but it can eventually wear down due to age, damage, or improper care. It's not always clear when there's a problem with your tank or drainfield since they are hidden under the ground. Here are three signs that your septic system could be in trouble and need repairs or a replacement.

1. Water Puddles in the Yard

When your septic tank or distribution box cracks, sewer water can leak into the soil and rise to the top to create puddles. The puddles may give off a strong, foul odor that indicates the water is from the septic system. The tank and box may be made of concrete, but they could crack if driven over or if they freeze in the winter.

Pipes can also crack or collapse underground. If any pipe that carries sewage leaks, you may notice puddles in the yard. These puddles are toxic, so you'll want repairs done right away. The septic repair service might seal cracks, clear out clogs, or even replace a pipe or your tank to correct the problem.

2. Sewage Backs Into the House

When sewage backs into your toilet or shower, you have a serious problem with clogging. The clog could be in the drain leading from your house, the tank, or the distribution box. The clog might be caused by waste, tree roots, a clogged filter, or a tank that's too full.

Your contractor might use a video camera to look into the system underground to find the source of the problem. A drain clog can be cleared easily with a hydro jet, but if roots have damaged the tank, the tank might need to be replaced.

3. Lush Grass Above the Drainfield

You may not even know where your septic drainfield is, but when it develops problems, you might notice the grass above the field is greener and grows faster than the rest of your yard. That's because wastewater isn't filtering down through the soil as fast as it should.

Your wastewater isn't going in the right direction because of clogging or biofilm buildup. You might even notice a black slimy film in the area of your septic system that indicates the biofilm is growing. This situation can cause your drainfield to fail, so you'll want a septic professional to take a look and recommend ways to make repairs or put in a new drainfield.

When your toilet is slow to flush, gurgles, or doesn't seem to drain properly, it's best to take quick action to remedy the problem. The solution might be clearing out a clogged drain, but you might be looking at signs of trouble in your septic system instead, and you'll want to have repairs done before it becomes necessary to replace the tank or drainfield. Contact companies like LP Murray to learn more.