Replacement Window Repairs And Preparations To Get Your Home Ready For New Windows And Renovations

If you are ready to start renovating your home, improvements for the windows and doors are some of the areas where you may be considering investing. Replacement windows are one of the best options to invest in for the renovations because they improve the appearance of your home, as well as the energy efficiency. Before you can have the replacement windows and new doors installed in your home, there are some preparations that need to be done. The following tips will help you with the repairs and preparations that need to be done to get your home ready for replacement windows: 

Inspecting the Exterior Windows and Doors for Damage

Before you get ready to start replacing windows, you will need to inspect all the openings. First, check the window and door casings to make sure they are level and square. If you have openings that need to be adjusted before windows can be installed, look closely at them for signs of damage and do the repairs that need to be done. 

Measuring the Openings and Ordering the Replacement Windows

After you have inspected the openings and started with the repairs that need to be done, you are going to be ready to measure the openings. Measure each opening to see if they are standard-sized windows, or if some of the windows will need to be special ordered. With some custom windows, you may need to consider alternatives to replacement windows, such as replacing the glass.

Repairing and Painting the Openings to Make Casings Look Like New

Repairs are going to need to be done before you are ready to install the replacement windows in the existing casings. This is a good time to also paint the casing to make the entire window and opening look like new. You should at least sand the old paint a little and add a coat of exterior primer to make it easier to paint the windows when needed.

Installing the Replacement Windows and Sealing the Cracks to Stop Air Leaks

The replacement window units will need to be installed in existing casings, which will leave cracks around the window. These cracks between the existing casing and new replacement window units are where you will need to caulk to ensure your home is sealed from the exterior and that there are no air leaks to cause energy loss and drafts.

These are some of the repairs and preparations that need to be done to get your home ready for replacement windows. If you are ready to start renovations for your home with new windows and doors, contact a window replacement company like Leger Siding and talk with them about some of these options for your home.