Metal Roofing Storm Damage Checklist To Assess The Damage When Severe Weather Passes

Severe weather can damage many different types of roofing materials. Shingles are the most common materials that get damaged, but metal roofs can also be damaged due to hail and high winds that come with severe storms. The following tips will help you assess the damage to metal roofing that happens after severe weather.

Damaged Finishes and Pitting in Roof Materials Due to Hail and Severe Weather

One of the problems with the finish of your roofing is it is vulnerable to damage during storms. The damage to the roof of your home is often scratches on the finish, which can cause corrosion and wear. To prevent problems from getting worse, you will want to touch up the finish of metal roofing.

Problems with Damaged Flashing, Seals, and Fasteners to Metal Roofing After a Storm

There are different types of flashing, seals, and fasteners that are used to prevent leaks on your metal roof. These materials often need to be inspected after a storm to ensure they do not leak. When assessing the storm damage on your roof, you will want to inspect these seals and the fasteners for leaks and replace them if there are any problems or signs of wear.  

Damaged Metal Roofing Due to High Winds and the Options to Repair the Damage

The metal roofing can also be damaged due to high winds, which may be problems with sections of your roof being completely blown off. It may also be problems with bent sections that can be repaired or replaced to repair the damage and prevent problems with leaks that can cause water damage in your home. When repairing this damage, you will also want to check the fasteners and seals.  

Problems with Severe Storm Damage to Metal Roofing After Severe Weather and Replacement Options

Sometimes, the extensive damage to your roof may require you to need to have the materials completely replaced. This is often due to wind damage and roofing materials that have been completely blown off your home. It may also be due to problems with widespread damage that is beyond repair and require the old metal roofing to be removed and replaced to repair it.

These are some tips to help assess the damage to metal roofing materials after severe weather. If you need help with repairs or replacement of damaged roofing, contact a metal roofing contractor and talk to them about inspecting and repairing your roof.

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