Pros & Cons Of DIY Chimney Cleaning Kits Compared To Professional Services

Your chimney collects a layer of soot with every heating season, and this soot must be cleaned out occasionally to keep the smoke funneling through the ventilation passageway over time. If it has been a while since your chimney has been cleaned and you come across a DIY chimney cleaning kit, you may think this is a good solution. However, these kits do have their obvious pros and cons when compared to professional chimney cleaning services. Here are a few to consider. 

Pro: The DIY cleaning kit will probably be the cheaper alternative. 

One of the few perks of DIY chimney cleaning kits is the price. The kits do not cost a lot and can be found at most home improvement stores. For homeowners who have no other choice or who have a limited budget, it can be more financially logical to get a kit, even though the kits are far from being as effective as professional cleaning services. 

Con: DIY cleaning kits can be pretty limited in what they can help you accomplish. 

If you are worried about a small amount of buildup on the inside of your chimney or want something to help you with maintenance between professional chimney cleaning services, a DIY kit may be OK. The typical kit comes with a brush and long wand that allows you to slough away some of the soot and buildup. However, these kits do not do a lot for chimneys that have not been professionally cleaned for many years or may have a lot of junk and debris inside of them. 

Pro: You can reuse the kit later on. 

If the brush and wand that come with the kit are built strong enough, and some of them are, you should be able to reuse the tools a few times before you have to get another kit. Of course, when you pay for a professional chimney cleaner to come to your home, it is a one-time deal. 

Con: Using a DIY chimney cleaning kit is not always the safest solution. 

If you do not have the proper safety gear, it is never a good idea to be climbing on top of the roof, especially if you have to climb up on the chimney because it is quite tall. You can usually use the cleaning brush from below as well, but it is far less effective than cleaning the chimney from the roof. 

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