A Few Ideas For Remodeling Your Half-Bathroom

When you update your home with fresh paint and a new interior design, you may want to remodel the half-bath that guests use when they visit your home. A luxury powder room makes a good impression on guests, and it's money well spent since a modern bathroom can increase the value of your home and make it more desirable for future buyers. Since a half-bath is usually a small room, you should work with your bathroom remodeling company for help planning the design that makes the room more spacious and accommodating. Here are some bathroom remodeling ideas to consider.

Hang Attractive Wallpaper

Wallpaper is often used in half-baths, and it gives you more options when it comes to decorating your home and expressing your personality. One reason wallpaper is suitable for half-baths is that there is no shower or tub to create high humidity in the room, but you may still want to choose wallpaper that's made for high moisture areas or that can tolerate splashes if you put the wallpaper near the sink. You could put patterned wallpaper on one wall and solid wallpaper on the other walls, or you could use patterned wallpaper on the lower portion of the walls and solid on the top. Even though a half-bathroom is small, you can still use big patterns and contrasting colors, or you could choose white or neutral colors for a more understated look.

Install New Flooring

If your bathroom has old vinyl tiles that make it look dated, then installing new flooring will make it seem more modern. You can choose ceramic or stone tiles, but you might prefer the look of wood instead. While you may not want hardwood flooring in your bathroom due to the potential risk of a toilet leak ruining it, you can have the remodeling company install vinyl planks or engineered wood that looks like real wood but tolerates water better.

Update The Vanity And Sink

There are many types of bathroom sinks to choose from now. You might want a bowl or pedestal sink that doesn't take up much room. However, you'll probably want a place to store bathroom supplies, so consider installing a small vanity or shelving to hold things like soap, lotion, and toilet paper. Your old cabinet-style vanity may look dated, so replacing it with a vanity that has multiple doors, drawers, or shelves can give the room an updated look. Also, consider the faucet set. Even if you don't want to replace your old sink and vanity, just putting on a luxury faucet can make a big difference in a small space.

For more ideas, contact a local bathroom remodeling company