Conserving Energy While Still Staying Cool: Commercial Tactics For Hot Days

Commercial establishments, from stores to offices, have a massive energy footprint compared to a home, and it's essential that these places take steps to reduce energy usage on hot days. For much of the summer, turning off the air conditioner is not an option, so businesses need to look at additional tactics. Here are a few ways to keep those bills down while still keeping cool.

Dim the Lights

Even though most establishments and offices use LEDs or fluorescent lights -- both very energy efficient -- the amount of lighting used still adds up on that utility bill. During the day, dim the lights, especially those by windows. Open blinds so that direct light is blocked (that keeps the room cooler) and indirect light gets in so that everyone can see. For those who still think it's too dark, an LED desk lamp can be a very energy efficient way to have bright light and save money. These LED bulbs are typically so small that they use a negligible amount of energy.

Watch Those Refrigerator Doors

Grocery stores are already well aware of how having open freezer bins and refrigerated shelves can let energy leak away. But even offices and stores are at risk of seeing their bills go up due to workers opening the office refrigerator (or mini-fridges they keep at their desks) and not closing them quickly. Warn people in the establishment that they need to keep refrigerator and freezer doors closed as much as possible in order to conserve energy. Tell them you'll have to turn off the air conditioner more often to save money if they don't comply.

Find a Good Compromise

One of the problems that besets offices everywhere is personal preference. Some people want colder air while others already feel like they're about to turn into ice. This can lead to thermostat wars and open windows that let the cooled air leak out. Find out your workers' preferred temperature ranges, set the thermostat to the average, and then check each office and room to see how well the cooled air is being distributed. Adjust vents and fans as needed.

If you find that your bills are still high or that the business isn't cooling as well as you'd like, contact a commercial air conditioning company. They can do energy audits and check out the system to ensure that everything works as well as possible.