3 Great Materials For Kitchen Floors

One of the best places to start, when remodeling your kitchen, is the floor. New flooring in your kitchen will greatly alter the style of the room and compliment the cabinets. There are several great materials that are commonly used for kitchen floors. Vinyl, tile and hardwood are three great materials for floors. This article compares the three materials as they relate to kitchen flooring.

Vinyl is Cheap and Low Maintenance

Vinyl flooring is a very owner-friendly material. It is waterproof, so it can be effectively cleaned with soap and water. Over the years, as long as you mop your floor and vacuum it on a regular basis, it should hold up. Vinyl also has a strong protective finish that protects the print and preserves the colors. Most vinyl products have a flat texture, but a detailed print. Fake wood and stone prints are the most popular. People want their floors to like like these raw materials, but don't want to deal with the maintenance. If you want a seriously low maintenance flooring material that looks great and comes in just about any color or print, vinyl is a great option for your kitchen.

Tile is Stylish and Durable

Tile is a classic flooring material for kitchens. It can stand up to the high traffic, has a water resistant surface, and is easy to vacuum. However, most people will choose tile because of the style. Tile is a fun product to install because it can be customized. You can mix and match different tile colors, try out different grout line thickness and color, and you can create unique layouts. If you are creative, tile is the best choice. The main problem with tile is the grout lines. They need to be sealed and maintained to preserve the integrity of the tile.

Wood is Authentic and Hearty

Most people love the style of wooden floors. The natural material can give your kitchen a more rustic look. That being said, wood can also look modern if you choose the right species and stain. Wood is durable, but does need to be stained to protect it from water damage. This is a process that you need to repeat every few years to protect the wood. Basically, like tile, wood will need some maintenance to keep it up. If you are willing to take care of your wood floor, it is a great material for kitchens.  

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