Signs Of A Failing Foundation

If you are buying an older home and want to avoid unexpected expenses with the home, you may want to get several different types of inspections completed before you close on the house. One of the most important ones to get is a foundation inspection. If you purchase a home that has foundation issues, you could end up having to spend thousands of dollars to remedy the problem. A home's foundation is vital for the structure of the house, and here are several things an inspector will look for when completing the inspection on the foundation.

Uneven Floors

One major sign of foundation problems is uneven floors. If there are floors in your house that are not completely straight, it can indicate that the foundation is sinking in certain areas. An inspector can test this with a level, but there are also times when the unevenness is so obvious a person can see it with their bare eyes.

Major Cracks In Walls

A second thing the inspector will look for is cracks. Cracks in the walls in your home can also indicate problems with the foundation. There may be cracks in the concrete basement or crawlspace walls, or there might only be cracks in the drywall. Most houses will experience some cracks in the drywall as the homes settle, and this is completely normal; however, there are certain types of cracks that indicate foundation issues. One of these is large horizontal cracks. These are often due to too much water around the foundation. When there is too much water, it can cause many problems, including the sinking of a foundation.

Doors And Windows That Will Not Close

The third main thing the inspector will look for is doors and windows that are not operating correctly. If just one door or one window is not working properly, it could be due to poor installation. If many of the doors and windows are not working as they should, it can indicate a problem with the foundation. When a foundation is not straight, even, and strong, any movement in it can lead to problems with doors and windows.

When the inspector arrives at the home, he or she will also take a good look at the outside of the house to see if there are any visible signs of problems. If you are interested in getting a house inspected, you should hire a foundation inspector today.