Efficient Furniture Design For Small Tech Offices

Many professionals are becoming part of the telecommuting economy. Smaller offices and connected satellite offices are becoming the norm, but equipping those offices remains a challenge. Efficiency and comfort need to go hand in hand, but it can be hard to choose which types of furniture and accessories are best for staying ahead in an increasingly computer-powered business world. If you don't know where to start, or need a few ideas on how to make your office work a lot smarter, here are a few commercial office design tips.

Monitor Placement And Workstation Control

Screen watching and information gathering is a lot easier with multiple monitors. The concept is foreign to a lot of people because it sounds like paying attention to multiple things, but for experienced computer users, multiple monitors means a wider screen.

The incorrect thing to do would be installing a large screen such as a television. It may stroke a few egos and look cool, but aside from the newest 4K televisions with the exact specifications of their computer monitor counterparts, televisions result in a more washed out image that stretches across the screen. It's fine for watching a movie or playing a game with only a slight quality loss, but terrible for reading or considering fine detail.

To stay productive and efficient, get an office desk that supports a computer, keyboard, and multiple monitors. These monitors need their own rotation space as you switch to different angles to suit your preferences, and you should consider some extra room for platforms to raise the monitor height for neck comfort and posture.

Tech Cabinets And Mounting Areas

One difficult part of tech offices is keeping everything in storage organized. Computers have a lot of cables, routers need specific storage areas, and you need somewhere to place charging stations and a host of other accessories.

Hanging office cabinets is your best bet for a workstation that works for you. Cabinet space allows you to store spare electronics, organize paperwork, maintain backup storage media, and keep your personal items out of the way. 

Installing a mount or a shelf underneath an office cabinet creates simple storage for wireless routers, mobile devices, and sound systems that need to be close by, but may take up a lot of desk space.

Contact an office furniture and accessories company like J And M Interior Specialties Inc. to discuss available cabinets, desks, chairs, and other key items for tech office comfort and efficiency.