Make Space For An Extra Bedroom In Your Home By Downsizing Your Bathroom

Not having enough bedrooms to accommodate your family is a problem that may have you begin to think about whether the best decision is to start looking for another place to live. However, owning your home gives you the ability to make changes to better fit what it is that your family now needs. If you need another bedroom for a new child, you may want to build an extension to the home to obtain this space. But, you can avoid this by downsizing a bathroom and other parts to make enough space to add to this room.

Combine into a Bath and Shower Combination

If the bathroom has a walk-in shower and a large tub to soak in, you can easily save some space by getting rid of these features and switching to a bath and shower combination. It may not provide you and your family with showers or baths that are as enjoyable and relaxing as a dedicated bath or shower, but it will give you valuable space that you can use to get closer to adding an extra bedroom inside your home.

Go Vertical to Create Storage Options

If you want to enjoy lots of bathroom storage, even though you are making the room smaller, you should focus on built-in storage solutions with an emphasis on verticality. It is perfectly fine to add built-in storage that extends to the ceiling because all it takes is a small stepstool to gain access to the stored items. It is also possible to get built-in storage added to the bath and shower area to avoid a cluttered space.

Minimize the Square Footage

You should also be able to cut down on open space to just make it comfortable to maneuver around. The bathroom has distinct purposes and while it may be nice to have lots of open space, you should be able to gain considerable square footage for a new bedroom by making a minor sacrifice in the bathroom. If there are two sinks, you can reduce it down to one to save even more space for the remodel. Working with a remodeling contractor on the floor plan will give you confidence that it can work out comfortably.

Adding a new bedroom may require you to downsize the nearby closets and bedrooms by a few inches, but downsizing a large bathroom should give you most of the space that you need. If you're thinking about kitchen remodeling jobs, contact a remodeling company near you!