How To Fix Small Holes And Crack In Your Concrete Slab

Small cracks in your concrete are not only annoying, they can become problematic if left alone. Most cracks start out small and grow over time. Of course, it is easier to fix these cracks as soon as you notice them, before they get too big. Some simple concrete patch can bond to separated pieces and reduce the crack growth. This article explains how to use concrete patch for small jobs.

Using the Right Patch

Concrete patch either comes in a premixed formula, which is sold squeezable bottles. This is the most convenient, but not ideal for large jobs. It also isn't great for fixing multiple cracks because it can dry out once it is opened. A powder mixture, on the other hand, is much more affordable and great to have in storage so you can make running repairs to your concrete over years. All you do is add water to the mixture to create the perfect patch. No matter which formula you choose, patching concrete cracks is very simple.

Prepping Before Patching

For a permanent patch that will stay strong over the years, you need to prepare the damaged area. That is, you don't want to apply the patch directly into a crack that has an uneven bottom or weeds growing out of it. Just use a small rake or screwdriver to clean out the cracked a little bit. You don't want to remove all the dirt from the crack, because it can actually be beneficial and prevent the crack filler from sinking into the soil underneath the concrete slab. If you just have a stress crack, and it doesn't go through the entire slab, the job is very simple. If the concrete slab has complete separation, you need to be careful of any cavities that need the concrete. You can use some dirt to fill in these cavities up to the bottom edge of the concrete slab.

Applying the Crack Filler

A plastic trowel is the best tool for spreading the crack filler and packing it into the crack. A little bit of the crack filler that spreads onto the top of the concrete will dry up and crumble away over time. Additionally, driving or walking over the crack should smooth out the top of it and make it blend in with the concrete.

The key to crack repair is to be vigilant and fill them as soon as they pop up.

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