Deciding On A Bathroom For Your Bathroom Remodel

Having your bathroom remodeled provides a great opportunity to customize your bath and shower area. You can change your tub to better suit your needs and physical ability. Bathtubs come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials to help make life easier or more luxurious for you. The choices can be overwhelming and choosing can be difficult. Here are some tips on three of the more common types of tubs and their positives and negatives.

Before shopping for tubs:

One thing that is critical is that you take measurements of where you are planning to put in your tub. While you may want to get a deeper, longer tub, your space may not allow for it. It's also good to visit some stores and actually "try out" the tubs you are most interested in. Talk to your contractor about plumbing-related issues as it may be difficult to set up certain tubs or relocate it to another area unless you are doing a complete tear-down and rebuild of the bathroom area.

Standard fiberglass and acrylic tubs:

Standard tubs are most likely to be the least expensive and easiest to install of any type of tub. Fiberglass tubs are very light, but they can be easily scratched. Acrylic tubs are more scratch resistant and are easy to mold into a variety of structures. Fiberglass tubs can have an acrylic finish to increase its durability. Standard tubs are more commonly placed above the floor and flushed against the wall in an alcove surrounded by tile or cabinetry.

Walk-in tubs:

Walk-in tubs are perfect for those who have mobility issues and don't want to settle for showers only for the rest of their lives. These tubs have a sealed door that opens on the side so you won't have to step up and over the side. Some of these tubs only let you sit upright, so they may even save space. However, one of the downsides are that you can't pre-fill the tub or leave without draining.

Freestanding tubs:

One of the great things about freestanding tubs is that you can often choose a larger size or width or a unique shape or style. They also come in a variety of materials which mean you will likely be able to buy a sturdier, more durable tub even though it may be heavier than other options. The downside is that if your bathroom doesn't have space, then a freestanding tub may not be right for you.

Doing a bathroom remodel is a great way to get the features that you want without the hassle of removing and replacing existing structures and appliances. However, even if you're redoing the whole room, you still have to do your research to make sure your tub will fit. Work with your remodeling contractor, A1 Complete Remodeling, to learn about the constraints of your bathroom and whether or not the tub you want will fit.